Surprise! There’s fun to be had on the island by day!

The Greek Wedding Show crafted a brand new adventure for you-our cruise traveler!

Join us for the most remarkable show in Greece while exploring popular destinations in Santorini! Expect a fully interactive experience!

This unique and interactive excursion combines sightseeing with live performances. Performers host the Breaking Plates Tour, so you know you are in for a fun trip!

But that's not all, folks! You'll also have the chance to join in on the internationally renowned show, The Greek Wedding Show while exploring the most popular sights on the island.


More than a sightseeing tour, it’s a two-way show! The family waits for you at the cable car. We walk through the streets of Fira, where you will meet along the way actors, dancers, and singers, that will perform just for you!

And as soon as you enter the bus, you are part of a Greek Family! Come rain, shine, or traffic, the Papadopoulos Family will keep you entertained inside the bus with music, Greek traditions, and information about the island until we reach the village of Oia, where you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of some of Santorini most popular views!

After, The Papadopoulos family will make you feel right at home by inviting you to their Wedding Party! Be ready to bop along, sing, and dance with the family, and let's break plates!


While visiting the most iconic Greek island, you can’t miss taking in part of the Greek family!

The whitewashed cliffs become the stage and the beautiful landmarks emerge as the set. The Padopoulos Family will show you breathtaking views, Oia & Fira villages, the famous blue domes, and the enchanting Caldera!


After exploring the island, you are invited as a guest to a Greek Wedding Party!

Resembling an actual wedding, the Papadopoulos family will play, dance, and sing live Greek music. You’ll enjoy greek snacks, wine, and a one-of-a-kind show! You will also break plates as part of the tradition!

Get ready to have a smashing good time on The Breaking Plates Tour! It's a tour that's sure to leave you with memories to treasure and a few broken plates as souvenirs!